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The binary is the heartbeat of programming, the underlying code that orchestrates the digital universe. This binary essence shapes our strategy: beginning with foundational truths, layering with precision, and consistently aligning with the purest tenets of tech innovation. We’re not just another tech firm; our name is a pledge, symbolizing our unwavering devotion to seamlessly fusing the basics with the breakthrough, steering ventures from their initial spark to spectacular success.

In 2017

Amidst the dynamic backdrop of Qatar—on the cusp of its ambitious 2030 vision—we sprouted our roots. Our aspirations found resonance with Qatar’s forward-looking vision, compelling us to align our dreams with the country’s illustrious blueprint.

From day one, our mission was crystal clear: to usher in avant-garde ICT technologies and tailor-make solutions that resonate with our unique operational landscape. Our sights, though, were set far beyond local horizons.

Determined to etch our mark on a global canvas, we spread our wings to the UK, setting up our outpost. This wasn’t just about geographical expansion but our strategic move to bridge European and GCC markets, fostering collaborations and innovations that know no bounds.

Our Vision

Aspiring for global recognition in the ICT realm, Zero One Solutions harnesses the intellectual might of our team, solidifying a unique niche in our clients’ minds. Our quest is to masterfully convert avant-garde technologies and intricate business requirements into unparalleled ICT solutions and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate and deliver unparalleled ICT solutions and services with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to consistently produce superior results, driving economic growth and empowerment for our clients.

Our Value

Binary Excellence
At Zero One, we deeply understand the nature of the world, and we strive for perfection in every single aspect of our solutions, from the tiniest bit to the largest byte.
Client-Centric Innovation
Our technological advancements are always custom-tailored to meet our client’s unique needs and ensure they stay ahead in the paced race.
Transparent Operations
Honesty and clarity are values that drive all our interactions. We believe in always providing our clients with a crystal view of our processes and solutions.
Agile Adaptability
In the changing landscape of ICT, we remain highly flexible and adaptable, swiftly adjusting to trends and technologies to bring the best outcomes for our esteemed clientele.
Empowering Solutions
We go beyond IT solutions; we empower businesses by fostering growth and maximizing their potential with our cutting-edge offerings.
Integrity in Code and Conduct
Whether crafting code or conducting business operations, integrity lies at the core of Zero One Solutions’ ethos.
Continuous Evolution
Just as the digital realm never ceases to evolve, so do we. Our unwavering commitment to learning and improvement ensures we stay at the forefront of innovation.
Collaborative Synergies
We strongly believe in the strength of collaborations, where diverse skills and expertise come together to develop solutions for our clients.


Embracing the Binary Essence
At Zero One, we deeply comprehend the essence of the world and strive for excellence in every aspect of our solutions down to the most minor bits and bytes.
Collaborative Synergies
We firmly believe in the strength of forming partnerships uniting a range of skills and knowledge to develop solutions for our clients.
Client-Focused Innovation
Our technological advancements are always custom-tailored to meet our client's unique needs, ensuring they stay ahead in the paced landscape.
Relentless Resilience
Challenges are part of the digital world. Our resilient DNA allows us to tackle obstacles head-on and emerge stronger.
Transparent Operations
Honesty and clarity drive our interactions, guaranteeing that our clients always have a view of our processes and solutions.

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